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At MYLO Create we love startups and Technology SME’s with ambitious growth plans. 


We partner with Founders and HR teams to help you better understand and solve your People & Performance challenges.

From helping you plan for your first critical hires, growing your team structures and building manager capability through to creating environments that enable your employees to do their best work. 

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What is MYLO Create 

There is a reason why we have two ears and one mouth.

That reason is one of our founding principles at MYLO Create.

​MYLO is short for ‘my lowdown’.

​When we partner with your team our fundamental objective is to listen attentively to your 'lowdown'.

Together we problem solve by asking the right questions to explore how we unlock the skills of your people to co-create the solution 



People & Performance 
challenges we help you solve

“We are worried that we are hiring the wrong people who are not the right 'fit' for our business."


"We don't make it easy for our employees to do their best work - how can we improve that?"

“Help me work out what skills and capabilities make a great people manager in our business."

“How do we create a culture of psychological safety where our employees can speak up?”

“How can we collaborate and improve the effectiveness of our internal stakeholders relationships?"




Andrew partnered closely with me and was a key member of my leadership team during my tenure as GM Qantas Business Travel. Andrew was instrumental in the successful turnaround and scaling of QBT, taking the lead role in managing highly sensitive relationships with both Qantas and the ASU.  Andrew is someone that I deferred to not only for HR partnering advice but as a confidant on highly sensitive business topics. More recently I have looked to him for advice with my most recent start up, Aeronology. Andrew demonstrates entrepreneurial thinking, strong domain knowledge, consulting skills and works pro-actively whilst continuing to challenge my personal perspectives along the way.

Russell Carstensen

Founder & CEO, Aeronology


Image by Clay Banks

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