• Andrew Grimshaw

Does competence fall second to confidence in business?

Updated: Apr 17

The work institute’s 2019 Retention Report found that 27% of the US working population quit their jobs in search of “better opportunities” and forecasts that this will increase to 35% by 2023. Two out of three reasons cited in the report were; career growth potential and managerial relationship.

So how can this be turned around?

A good start would be for senior people to acknowledge that too many leaders are disposed to self-orientation and low self-awareness leading to poor staff engagement and high attrition.

A strong leader requires the capacity to look several years ahead and shareholders should require executives to develop a longer-term perspective for a more sustainable business.

Great outcomes are determined by what your senior leaders do. That is determined by their values, beliefs & levels of consciousness.

A systemic change in mindset of boards and executive teams is required to ensure that leaders choose to prioritise building the bench strength of their people and deepen their competence as opposed to their confidence.

I am thrilled to confirm that this article was published in the Business section of The Sunday Times in London on 15 September 2019

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